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What have I dowsed in the last 1 month
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Author:  Haridas [ Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  What have I dowsed in the last 1 month

I always write everything I got from dowsing in my notebook. So far these are pieces of informations from my dowsing. I use alphabet chart I found somewhere and you can also use it

I feel there are two modes of dowsing for me:
1. mode when I contact some outside beings not „matrix”
2. mode when I got responses from lower self (subconcious) contacting „matrix”

Case 1: 30.03.2009

Search for a bag for meditation beads for my wife. No cue, just image in the mind. Using pendulum to show the direction. First I found a cap in a car which looked very similar. Later I found other bag and then when I solidified the image in my mind I found the bag in loundry. My wife was shocked, that she put it there.
This success fortified my determination to be good in dowsing.

Case 2:
Dowsing for lottery and soccer online wagers – win some minimal things but overall I lost all money I put there.

Case 3:
Pieces of information – highlights (different sessions/places/times):
I always ask on the beginning who I am speaking to...

Me: Advice for me?
Ufeq: "Never waste time"

Me: Why I cannot win in lottery?
David: You have „greed for money”

Me: How to increase my accuracy?
Vioa: Be patient

Me: How to help in seeing future?
Timo: Empty mind and not concentrate on the outcome

Me: Why do you help/talk to me?
Timo: Offer of love

Me: How to repay for help?
Timo: Just smile from ear to ear to everybody.

Timo: When more energy/prana in the body, better information synchronization

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